What is the purpose of plastering a wall?

- Sep 14, 2020-

In order to protect the flat surface and avoid cracks, the plastering layer should generally be composed of layers and operated in layers. The plastering work of scientific zhi can play the functions of moisture-proof, weather-proof and heat insulation.

The plastering layer is generally composed of three layers of bottom ash, middle ash and surface ash.

Different parts of the plastering base layer require different plastering thicknesses.

Ordinary plastering—18mm; The surface is smooth and clean, and the stubble is even.

Intermediate plastering—20mm; The surface is smooth and clean, the stubble is even, and the line angle is straight and clear.

Advanced plastering—25mm. The surface is smooth, clean, uniform in color, no smearing, straight and square line angles and gray lines, clear and beautiful.

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