what issues should you pay attention to when using mono stressing jack?

1. It is strictly forbidden to use pressure to disassemble the stressing jack. When testing or loading the jack, the staff should stand on both sides, prohibit the workstation in the direction of the end face, and install protective devices in the hazardous area.

2. All people who use the jack should do "oil pump ring and jack cleaning both ends". On the one hand, avoid pulling the slip line to hurt people, on the other hand, avoid accidentally operating the jack parts to fly out and hurt people.

3. “Pump personnel must not leave when the oil pump is turned on”. Always pay attention to the fuel gauge value. When returning, if the fuel gauge is boosting quickly, stop the pump immediately.

The oil used for the jack is a passive oil that is affected by the oil pump oil. It is best to use No. 10 oil, and No. 20 oil is allowed in summer. High quality, low viscosity mineral oils can also be used. The oil is kept clean and must be filtered when the oil is injected into the oil pump.

5. The pipe must be cleaned before connecting the pipe, especially the nozzle.

6. Before use, the jack should be operated 3-5 times at no load to eliminate air in the chamber.

7. During the working process of the jack, the loading should be stable, the unloading should be slow, and the sliding line should be avoided.

8. After the work is completed, the piston returns to this position. Always wipe and keep it clean.

9. The jack is faulty, repaired by personnel with certain professional knowledge, or returned to the factory for repair.

10. When parked in a park or storage area, the nozzle should be equipped with a dust cover to prevent dirt and rust.