What's the advantages of using YT28 ROCK DRILL?

Energy saving, efficient, reliable and durable
The product YT28 ROCK DRILL is energy-saving and efficient, parts life is long, sturdy and durable, easy maintenance and good reliability.

Easy to use YT28 ROCK DRILL

Centralized operating mechanism, flexible start, adopts air-water linkage, rapid retraction of air legs, air pressure adjustment, etc., easy to use, strong blow-out function, and large rotating torque is better than similar products.


Good parts versatility
It is common with the same type of machine parts, and the user's interests are not lost when the product is replaced.

High efficiency and good economic effect of YT28 ROCK DRILL

The control handle is centralized on the handle body, with novel mechanism and convenient operation. The equipped muffler cover can effectively reduce the noise and change the exhaust direction at will to improve the site operation conditions. Compared with the same type of rock drill: light weight, low noise, high efficiency and good economic effect.


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