What's the application of BW Mud Pump Drilling Rig

The role of bw mud pump drilling rig supporting manufacturer Daoxian is to inject the easily solidified or mixed materials into the cracks and cavities of the rock or soil in order to prevent its leakage and strengthen the foundation. The single-cylinder pump can be used for single-liquid grouting and dual-liquid grouting. The dual-cylinder pump is suitable for single and dual-liquid grouting.

Users can choose reasonably according to the needs of the construction site. This series of products not only have compact structure, adjustable performance, adjustable pressure displacement, small size, light weight, easy disassembly and handling, but also reliable operation, high pumping pressure, material cylinder, and long service life.


Pump purpose: BW-250 mud pump is a three-cylinder reciprocating single-acting pump, which is one of the main supporting equipment for geological exploration. Displacement and hole depth can be adjusted at will according to the purpose. The maximum depth can be used with a 1800-meter drilling rig, or it can be used for cement slurry injection. Mud pumps for coal mines are used for core extraction or coal seam drilling to supply cooling flushing fluid. The flushing fluid can be mud, clean water or underground coal water with a sand content of not more than 4% and impurity particles not more than 2mm.