Whether the broken stone is good with a rock splitter or a splitting stick

- Apr 10, 2019-

  1. Mainly consider efficiency and cost

    The splitting bar, also called the jack, is a combination of dozens of small jacks, and the principle of the splitting bar is the same as that of the splitting machine. Need to punch holes, from the inside of the rock to burst outside, breaking the rock structure.

    piston rock breaker

2. Cracking depth and splitting length

    Drill holes with large rigs and drill holes. The cost is close to the cost of using the expander, mainly     because it is consumed in the cost of punching. The splitting bar requires 2-3 person operations.

  Rock splitter for holes

3. Purchase cost 

  The cost of a large rock splitting machine is similar to that of a splitting bar. It is easy to operate     with  a hook machine. It is a hydraulic power that utilizes the excavator itself. Not only is it easy to     move, but the work efficiency is 10 times higher than that of the handheld hydraulic splitter. The  single split is 2-10 square meters, and the split rock strength is 5,000 tons.

Larger Rock Splitter

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