Why Use a hydraulic Rock Splitter for Excavator

The hydraulic onboard splitter is directly mounted on the excavator for use, using the hydraulic system of the excavator as power. In this way, it is not only convenient to move, but also more efficient than a handheld hydraulic splitting machine by more than 10 times. A single split rock and ore body can reach 2-10 square meters, so it is particularly suitable for non-explosive large-volume rock excavation and ore mining, such as urban building foundations, rock excavation, and rock excavation under construction or expansion of highways, etc. .

Main principle of hydraulic Rock Splitter fo Excavator:

After the output pressure of the excavator is increased by the supercharger, the drive cylinder produces a huge driving force, and after mechanical amplification, it can generate a strong splitting force of up to 6,500 tons, so that the split objects (such as: rock, reinforced concrete, etc.) The aspect splits. It is mainly used in the breaking and dismantling of rock splitting and reinforced concrete structures, roads, etc.

Hydraulic Rock Splitter with EXCAVATOR

   When the hydraulic airborne splitter is working, it requires a drilling rig and an excavator. It can be driven by an excavator to clean the surface of the roadbed stone and the soil between the rock and the rock to increase the volley surface of the rock. Use a large air compressor for drilling equipment to choose a larger volley surface or rock Drill holes in layered positions, and drill holes on the same section. The distance between the holes is about 1.5 meters and the distance between the two holes is controlled within 1.5 meters.

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