working principle of Hydraulic electric oil pump

Working principle of Hydraulic electric oil pump:

Pump system self-priming axial piston pump, its working process is as follows: the motor drives the shaft to rotate, the shaft is in the process of rotation, the swash plate on the shaft presses the plunger into the plunger sleeve, and the return spring is caused by the elastic force. The column races are closely attached to the thrust bearing surface. The alternating action of the shaft and the spring causes the plunger to reciprocate in the plunger sleeve to achieve the purpose of sucking and discharging the oil, so that the oil outlet can obtain continuous and even pressure oil.

The hydraulic electric oil pump has a total of six plungers, which are equally arranged in circumference, and are staggered into two rows of oil. Each row of oil is composed of three plunger pairs separated by 120 degrees, and the two rows of oil are separated from each other. Not connected.

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Control valve:

The control valve consists of two valve bodies of the same structure, left and right.

The throttle valve is an adjustable cone valve that regulates the flow into the cylinder by changing the size of its valve section flow passage. The unloading valve is a manual shutoff valve. Open the unloading valve and the oil in the working cylinder can flow back to the tank. The holding pressure valve is a one-way valve, which is used to cut off the refueling path of the high-pressure oil in the working cylinder of the jack, so as to ensure that the jack does not return the oil, that is, to hold the load when the vehicle is stopped or operated in the air.

The safety valve is based on spring pressure to limit the maximum pressure of the system. Adjusting the pressure of the spring can change the maximum pressure of the system and thus play a role in safety protection.

Folding box, piping

The box body is welded by a thin steel plate, and the oil pump body is directly immersed in the oil, which facilitates the tricks and lubrication of the pump body. The high-pressure pipe adopts Φ10×2.5 seamless steel pipe, and the low-pressure pipe adopts Φ11×0.5 transparent plastic pipe.