Working principle of the Steel bar Upsetting Machine

Comprehensive analysis of the working principle of the steel bar upsetting machine
The steel bar upsetting machine uses the principle of hydraulic cold forging to plastically deform the end of the steel bar, increasing the diameter by 4~6mm, and then processing the thread. The actual cross-sectional area after processing the thread is larger than the cross-sectional area of the original steel bar, which greatly improves the tensile strength of the joint. This upsetting threaded joint is all broken from the base material after tensile test, which is suitable for projects with higher requirements.

Steel bar Upsetting MachineSteel bar Upsetting Machine

The main features of Steel bar Upsetting Machine:
1. Simple operation, hydraulic and electrical control, no need for professional technicians, 10 minutes of training can start operation;
2. Increase the cross-sectional area of the end of the steel bar by 15-20%, so that the bottom diameter of the thread is not less than the diameter of the steel bar base material, and the tensile strength is fully exerted;
3. High production efficiency, each shift can upset 300-500 heads;
4. A wide range of processing steel bars can be processed in accordance with GB1499 or BS4449 (CS2) standards of various specifications of Ф16-Ф50;
5. The equipment failure rate is small, there are no vulnerable parts, and the construction cost is low;
6. Environmental protection, safety, not affected by environment and climate.