BW250 mud pump worked with borewell drilling rig

BW250 mud pump worked with borewell drilling rig

1 three-cylinder reciprocating piston pump, can change the different pressure and flow.
2 pumps consume less energy, flexible operation, high quality and durable.
3 good decomposition, easy to move.
4 pioneering and innovation, based on the market and development; high quality, efficient, hard service for users
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BW250 mud pump

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XY-2BL Water Well Drilling Rig with crawler drilling for groundwater, bore well drilling machine price, used borehole drilling machine for sale



XY-2BL rig is developed based on our XY-2 core drilling rig, integrating drilling rig, crawler, mud pump, console rack and other devices into the integral one. It is mainly targeted at the shallow-medium hole of geology core drilling, and where the mobility is important. It is modular and integral drilling rig.

1. Integrated crawler, rig, mud pump, console racks;
2. Crawler, the whole support rigs and tower with ups and downs are controlled by the hydraulic system of the rig, easy to operate and transport;
3. The whole set of equipment can move to relocate, improve drilling efficiency, reduce labor intensity;
4. The tower has the function of ups and downs, folding, easy walking and transportation;
5. Rig with more (8 block) the speed of progression and reasonable speed range, and the relatively large low-speed torque, wide range of application.
6. Rig has two reverse gear speeds, easy to deal with incidents;
7. Rig has longer feed stroke as long as 600mm, will help improve drilling efficiency and reduce blocking drill, burning accidents;
8. Rig has double oil pump, less power consumption, lower oil temperature of hydraulic system;
9. Rig has few control levers, rational layout, flexible and reliable operation;
10. In addition there is a normally closed upper hydraulic chuck on, but also with lower mechanical man-powered chuck.

BW250 mud pump-spare parts

BW250 mud pump-spare parts01

BW250 mud pump-spare parts3

1Drilling depth (NQ drill rod)Approximately 500m
2Spindle speedForward57 ;  99 ;  157 ;  217 ;  270 ;  470 ;  742 ;  1024 
Reverse45 ;  212  r/min
3Spindle Maximum torque3200 N@m
4Spindle max pulling force60 KN
5Spindle stroke600 mm
6Max. lifting force of the hoist with single rope30 KN
7Inner diameter of the spindle96 mm
8Retraction distance305 mm

Retraction distance for the host drill rig330 mm

Retraction distance for both drill rig and tower160 mm
10Oil pumpSCB32/12 double gear pump
Power unit
engine power30 KW     1500 r/min
electric motor22KW   1470 r/min
12Crawler maximum walking speed1.2  km/h
13Crawler Climbing capacity25°, no more than 25 °
14Tracked Ground pressure0.042  MPa
15Rig height8 m
16 Hook load of the tower29.4 kN
17Max.static load of crown block beam58.8 kN
18Quantity of pulley
19Angle range of tower ups and downs0° ~  90°
20Rig Dimensions ( tower horizontal position )(L*W*H) 4450×2166×3080  mm
21Total weightabout 5500 kg