BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|Grouting Machine Manufacturers

BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|Grouting Machine Manufacturers

BW150 slurry pump belongs to medium and high pressure grouting equipment, which is horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston pump. It can change eight different pressure and flow. The pump has less energy consumption, flexible operation, high quality and durability, good decomposition and easy to move.
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BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|Grouting machine manufacturers

Description of mud pumps for drilling rigs:

BW150 mud pump is a horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston pump which can transform the eight kinds of pressure and flow, used in geological core drilling engineering drilling fluid to transport(mud, water, soap),suitable for 1500 meters of small diameter diamond drilling facilities, it can also be used for cement grouting,mud pump the BW150 type grouting pump,low energy consumption,flexible operation, high quality and durable,the decomposition is good,easy to move.

Parameters of BW150 mud pump well drilling:

BW-150 mud pump444.png

BW150 mud pump444.jpg     BW150 mud pump well drilling123.jpg

Application of BW150 mud pump:

1. Used in building engineering for vertical and horizontal conveying of mortar.

2, in the metallurgical and iron and steel sector, for the maintenance of blast furnace and other equipment.

3, in the national defense engineering, civil air defense works and mine, tunnel construction for grouting.

4, in the chemical sector for the delivery of slurry like raw materials (color paste, coating), magnetic materials and other media.

5, in the irrigation and water conservancy project, used to reinforce the dam. Sand drilling is used to reinforce the shaft lining.

6, in the railway construction, used for grouting reinforcement of bridge and culvert.

7. The prestressed component is used for mortar injection and expansion.

8. Used for transporting fly ash mortar in thermal power plant.

9, in highway pavement maintenance, used for cement concrete pavement bottom void grouting.