BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|horizontal,triplex.single Acting Reciprocation Piston Pump

1. Small size, light weight. 2. Flexible manipulation 3. Good decomposition. 4. Can in four wheel moved easily.
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Product Details

BW150 drilling mud pump|horizontal,triplex.single acting reciprocation piston pump

Product Description

BW150 drilling mud pump is horizontal, three cylinderreciprocating single acting piston pump. The pump can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine according to the requirement of the customer in order.  BW150 mud pump has the advantages of compact construction, light weight, readily movable and easy to be operated etc.

BW150 drilling mud pump is equipped with drilling rigs to drill holes with mud. During drilling mud pump pumps slurry to the hole to provide coat to the wall, to lubricate the drilling tools and to carry the rock debris up to the ground. It is applied to geological core drilling and prospecting drilling with depth less than 1000 meter.

Technical Data 

ModelBW150 drilling mud pump
TypeHorizontal, three cylinderreciprocating single acting piston pump
Cylinder diameter (mm)70
Stroke (mm)80
Pump speed (times/min)57     86    130     222     47      71    107     183
Flow (l/min)38     58     90      150     32      47     72      125
Pressure (Mpa)7       4.8    3.2      1.8     7        6       4        2.3
 Power 7.5kw
 Size (mm)

1925*795*1150 (Diesel power)

1840*795*995 (Electric power)

Weight (kg)

630 (Diesel power)

560 (Electric power)

BW-150BW150 mud pump well drilling.jpg


It is horizontal,tri-cylinder,reciprocating single-acting pistion pump,eight different pressures and flows are available,so it can convey water,lavage,saponifization liquid for geological drilling projects.It matches 1500m small caliber diamond drilling,and it can also perfuing slurry.This pump is power saving,easy to operate,high quality and durable,easy to disassemble and relocate.

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