BW150 Electric Mud Pump

The structure is simple and easy for disassembly and maintenance
smooth operation, small vibration and low noise
it can deliver high concentration and high viscosity (less than 10000 PaS) suspended slurry
the drilling fluid flow is stable, no overcurrent, pulsation and stirred, shear slurry phenomena
the discharge pressure has nothing to do with the speed, low flow can also maintain a high discharge pressure
displacement is proportional to the speed, by shifting mechanism or motor, one can adjust the displacement
it has high self-absorption ability, and can suck liquid directly without bottom valve
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Product Details

Description of bw150-electric-mud-pump:

BW150 electric mud pump can be divided into single-acting pump and double-acting pump according to the completion times of the suction and drainage acting in one cycle of the piston's reciprocating motion

Maintenance of bw150-electric-mud-pump:

The construction department should have a special maintenance worker that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the machine. mud pumps and other mechanical equipment should be inspected and maintained on a scheduled and timely basis to find and address problems ahead of time, in order to avoid unscheduled shutdown. The worker should attend to the size of the sediment particles; when finding large particles, the mud pump wearing parts should frequently be checked for repairing needs or replacement. The wearing parts for mud pumps include pump casing, bearings, impeller, piston, liner, etc. Advanced antiwear measures should be adopted to increase the service life of the wearing parts, which can reduce the investment cost of the project, and improve production efficiency. At the same time, wearing parts and other mud pump parts should be repaired rather than replaced when possible.

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Parameters of BW150 Electric mud pump :

BW150 Electric mud pump321

BW-150 drill rig mud pump

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BW-150drill rig mud pump