BW150 High-performance Mud Pumps For Drilling Rigs

1. The external dry friction clutch is used between the power and the gearbox. The operation is safe and simple. It is easy to adjust after wear, and the maintenance is also very convenient, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost;
2. There are many forms such as direct drive of electric motor and direct drive of diesel engine, and users can order or customize according to their needs;
3. Eight different pressures and flows can be changed, and the application range is very wide;
4. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, durable;
5. The flow is uniform and the pressure fluctuation is small
6. High efficiency and energy saving.

Product Details

Working performance:

   1. This series of hydraulic grouting pumps are professional grouting equipment, which can realize single liquid grouting and double liquid grouting.

   2. Due to the use of full hydraulic pressure, small size and light weight, it is suitable for a wide range of construction.

3. The adjustable performance is relatively good: the pump's pressure displacement can be arbitrarily adjusted within the design range. When the pressure exceeds the allowable pressure, the overflow valve will automatically open, and the oil cylinder and working cylinder stop working, which plays a safety role.

   4. In flammable and explosive construction sites such as coal mines, this series of hydraulic grouting motors use explosion-proof motors and can also be used safely.

   5. There is an anti-seismic pressure gauge in the hydraulic system, which can accurately reflect the working state of the pump.

   6. This series of hydraulic grouting pump can also be used as clean water pump, sewage pump and mud pump.

bw150 mud pumps zt

Technical Parameters

Maximum flow rate


The maximum pressure


Drive power


The diameter of the suction pipe


Drain pipe diameter





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