BW150 Mud Pump Well Drilling|BW Three Cylinder Piston Variable Is Used for Drilling Grouting Construction

1 three-cylinder reciprocating single-acting piston pump, can change eight different pressure and flow.
2 pumps consume less energy, flexible operation, high quality and durable.
3 good decomposition, easy to move.
4 business and market synchronization, management and the world.
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Product Details

BW150 mud pump well drilling|BW three cylinder piston variable is used for drilling grouting construction

Product description:

BW150 mud pump well drilling  is a research and development, production and sales as one of the large enterprises, the current production and operation of the brand has nearly 1,000 species, the main production and operation of coal mining equipment. In the machinery marketing industry to create a good product performance, with a strong brand promotion capabilities. Companies in the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" concept, brought together a large number of elite talent, won a good corporate reputation and reputation.

Products use:

 The BW150 mud pump are widely used in mining, geological drilling, coal, railways, highways, water conservancy and hydropower, bridges, high-rise buildings, foundation reinforcement and other projects.

Three product parameters:

Maximum flow rate


The maximum pressure


Drive power


The diameter of the suction   pipe


Drain pipe diameter




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BW150 mud pump well drilling Note:

BW150 grouting machine work on the whole set of drilling equipment production efficiency plays a significant role. Proper maintenance and use of the grouting machine to improve drilling speed and pure drilling time, to protect the hole clean, and can wall collapse and stuck drill accident to minimize. 1, grouting machine in the open before the maintenance and repair

The grouting machine must be mounted on a solid foundation. The parallelism of the prime mover and the grooved pulley shaft and the position of the drive belt must be checked so that they are all in one plane and then tightened with the ground screw. In order to pump to work properly, should be based on the rig site to consider the backwater tank, sedimentation tanks, suction pool and pump the reasonable installation location, BW150 drilling mud pump should be as short as possible suction pipe and suction height. In alpine areas or installation locations where suction sumps are too high, a supplementary inhalation system should be considered.

In the grouting machine should be carried out before the grouting machine system for a comprehensive inspection:

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