BW150 Mud Pump Well Drilling for grouting reinforcement and slurry

Advantages of BW150 mud pump well drilling:
• Have strong supply capacity.
• With good quality and pretty competitive price.
• fluid end is more accessible
• discharge mud more smoothly. That is, the triplex’s output does not surge as much as a duplex.
• One of the more important advantages of triplex over duplex pumps, is that they can move large volumes of mud at the higher pressure is required for modern deep hole drilling.
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Product Details

Description of BW150 mud pump

BW150 mud pumpis typically positive displacement pumps, otherwise known as reciprocating pumps. Positive displacement pumps are able to provide a constant flow rate of fluid regardless of the pump's outlet pressure. Duplex, triplex, and quintuplex pumps are all used as drilling mud pumps.

BW150 mud pump is driven either by an engine or motor. Depending on fuel and energy available on or near a drilling rig, electric motors or diesel engine are common. In some cases, natural gas or other fuel types may be used. Drilling mud pumps are packaged on skid type units which allow for easy removal and transportation from site to site. Other methods are available but are less common.

A mud pump system generally includes a charge pump. Due to the high viscosity fluid, additional pressure is commonly needed on the inlet to the mud pump to prevent cavitation.

BW150 mud pumps are gradually phasing out duplex units. In a triplex pump, the pistons discharge mud only when they move forward in the liner. Then, when they moved back they draw in mud on the same side of the piston. Because of this, they are also called “single acting.

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Parameters of BW150 mud pump:

Maximum flow rate150L/min
The maximum pressure70kg/cm2
Drive power7.5kw
The diameter of the suction pipe50mm
Drain pipe diameter32mm

In order to ensure the normal operation of mud pump to prevent the washing fluid sand and high-pressure washing fluid erosion caused by continuous erosion of the pump head inside the body prematurely damaged, we must note the following:

(1) in the normal working process of the pump to check the lubrication of the moving parts, crankcase lubricating oil always ensure quality, pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound, and promptly removed. Always check that the seals are tight.

(2) to pay close attention to the quality of the mud, such as excessive sand or gravel found debris, we must strengthen the purification and filtration. Pump can no longer work under water conditions, water filter from the bottom of the water 0.2-0.3m, and pay attention to cleaning the bottom valve and filter cover.

(3) Note that the pressure gauge, mud pump bw-150 safety valve work is normal, the maximum working pressure, the duration should not be too long to not more than one hour is appropriate.

(4) dry friction clutch is not easy to stick oil, to prevent the friction plate and pressure plate in the combination of sliding, leaving the friction. Is important to ensure the normal work of the clutch.

(5) crankcase oil temperature and the temperature of the cylinder piston pair shall not be too high. When the drilling is completed, the grouting machine stops working, the first three-way valve to the backwater position unloading, and then stop the pump. If the pump stopped in the cold winter season longer, to release the pump and pipeline rinse solution to prevent the cylinder head and even some of the organs of the pump head to the crack. If the pump is stopped for a long period of time, the oil in the crankcase will need to be discharged to clean up the silt and dirt on the parts. The shafts of the crankshaft, gears, crossheads, crossheads, piston rods and safety valves On the butter to prevent corrosion.

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