BW250 Piston Mud Pump

Dual-Durometer bonded urethane
Resistant to high pressure, abrasion, heat and extrusion
½” Piston surface area reduces friction and liner wear
Solid bullnose lip design seals for less squirt
Cut back hub design reduces liner wea
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Product Details

Description of BW250 piston mud pump:

The drilling fluid used by this reciprocating piston pump shall not contain any chemical impurities that are corrosive to metals and rubber parts, and the temperature of the fluid shall not exceed 50℃. When using mud for flushing, the recommended proportion of water and mud is between 1.03 and 1.12, viscosity of mud between 18 and 25S, silt content lower than 4%, diameter of sand particles not exceed 3 mm, and PH value around 7 to 8. No tiny mud balls, weeds, leaves and other impurities are allowed in the mud.

With long service life of high wear parts, small volume, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, this mud water pump enjoys stable performance.

BW250 mud pump well drilling223.jpg    BW250 mud pump well drilling23.jpg

Applications of  BW250 piston mud pump:
BW250 piston mud pump is extensively utilized in industries including geology, coal, building, metallurgy, chemicals, railway, water conservancy, oil and other fields.

Features of BW250 piston mud pump:
BW250 piston mud pump is designed with multiple shifts for flexible speed and displacement adjustment. With compact structure and light weight, this reciprocating piston pump is also energy-saving, highly-effective and durable in use. In addition, it is easy to operate and convenient to maintain, keeping themaintenance cost low. This mud pump is primarily used as low and medium grouting pump in geological drilling, geological engineering construction and foundation treatment.

Parameters of BW250 piston mud pump:

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BW-250 Horizontal Triplex Piston Mud Pump-023     BW-250Horizontal Triplex Piston Mud Pump-003

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