BW250 Triplex Mud Pump|drilling Pump

1. Horizontal Three Cylinder Piston Grouting Pump.
2. Electricity, Diesel Driven or Unpowered Machine Optional.
3. Stable Output, High Pressure and Great Grout Injection Performance.
4. High Quality and Compact Structure, Easy to Install, Operate, Move and Maintain

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Description of BW250 Triplex Mud Pump|drilling pump

BW250 Triplex Mud Pump:

1. Be sure that the pump foundation is level and able to support the weight of the pump.

2. Install the pump as close as possible to the mud tank or pit to reduce drop in suction line. 

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zhongtuoBW250 Triplex Mud Pump

Maximum flow rate 250L/min 

Maximum pressure 60kg/cm2 

Drive power 15kw 

The diameter of the suction pipe 64mm 

Drain pipe diameter 50mm 

Weight 650kg 


  1. The diameter of the suction line must be equal to or exceed the diameter of the pump suction connection.

  2. Use as short a suction line as possible.

 3. Install the suction line in as straight a line possible. If turns are necessary use long radius ells.  4. Install a section hose in the suction line to isolate vibration. 

 5. Be sure there are no air traps or air leaks in the suction line. 

 6. Install a charging pump in the suction line. (See CHARGING PUMPS.) 

 7. Install a suction desurger to prevent mud cavitation. (Refer to FLUID END ACCESSORIES in Section 4 of this guide.) 

 8. Fully open all valves in the suction line before operating the pump.


  1. If the pump was not completely assembled at the factory, complete the assembly as required.

 2. Check to be sure the suction and discharge systems have been properly installed. (SEE INSTALLATION) 

 3. Remove the cover plates from the power end. 

 4. Inspect the power end for contamination. Clean as required. 

 5. Drain all condensation from the power frame (Figure 1-4). Fig. 1-4 Power end drain plug Do not attempt to drain condensation from power frame if unit has been filled with lubricant. (why?) 

 6. Install cover plates. 

 7. Check that crankcase drain plug is installed and tight. 8. Fill the power end with correct lubricant.

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