BW250 Triplex Mud Pump|manufacturer|factory Price

BW250 Triplex Mud Pump|manufacturer|factory Price

1 three-cylinder reciprocating piston pump, can change the different pressure and flow.
2 pumps consume less energy, flexible operation, high quality and durable.
3 good decomposition, easy to move.
4 pioneering and innovation, based on the market and development; high quality, efficient, hard service for users.
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Product Details

Description of BW250 Triplex Mud Pump:

BW250 mud pump is a research and development, production and sales as one of the large enterprises, the current production and operation of the brand has nearly 1,000 species, the main production and operation of coal mine construction equipment. In the machinery marketing industry to create a good product performance, with a strong brand promotion capabilities. Companies in the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" concept, brought together a large number of elite talent, won a good corporate reputation and reputation.

The products are widely used in mining, geological drilling, coal, railways, highways, water conservancy and hydropower, bridges, high-rise buildings, foundation reinforcement and other projects.

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Parameters of BW250 Triplex Mud Pump:


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