Ceramic Plunger Mud Pump|manufacturer|factory Price

Ceramic Plunger Mud Pump|manufacturer|factory Price

1 hydraulic drive, dual-cylinder double-acting, high flow, high head;
2 running balance, long continuous work, strong reliability;
3 small noise, the pressure can be adapted to a large pressure range, the pressure fluctuation is small;
4, can be used in high wear and tear, acid corrosion areas.
5 to create the best products and services based on talent and technology
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Product Details

Description of Ceramic plunger mud pump:

A mud pump or drilling mud pump is used to circulate drilling mud on a drilling rig at high pressure.
The mud is circulated down through the drill string, and back through the annulus at high pressures.

Ceramic plunger mud pump for vertical double cylinder porcelain piston pump. It is divided into two kinds of quantitative and variable, is designed for pressure transmission mud type working medium designed. Quantitative pumps can be used in the spray dry noise tower and other pressure transmission field; variable sludge piston pump can be adapted to the filter press dehydration process to flow pressure changes.

The pump is hydraulically driven and consists of the electrical box part, the tank part, the power cylinder and the ceramic plunger in the overall structure (see figure).

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ceramic plunger mud pump06.jpg   Ceramic plunger mud pump06

Parameters of Ceramic Plunger Mud Pump:

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