Horizontal Triplex Drilling Wholesale Diesel BW250 Mud Pump

Horizontal Triplex Drilling Wholesale Diesel BW250 Mud Pump

Description of BW250 mud pump: 1.BW grouting pump is widely used for grouting and mud jacking in engineering construction. 2.BW mud pump have four gear shifts.Output and drilling depth are adjustable,so it can be used to grout cement slurry or equipped with drilling machine. 3. BW grouting pump is widely used in railway, hydraulic engineering, metallurgical engineering,

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Diesel BW250 Mud Pump Horizontal Triplex Drilling Wholesale:

The drilling fluid used by this reciprocating piston pump shall not contain any chemical impurities that are corrosive to metals and rubber parts, and the temperature of the fluid shall not exceed 50ºC. When using mud for flushing, the recommended proportion of water and mud is between 1.03 and 1.12, viscosity of mud between 18 and 25S, silt content lower than 4%, diameter of sand particles not exceed 3 mm, and PH value around 7 to 8. No tiny mud balls, weeds, leaves and other impurities are allowed in the mud.

With long service life of high wear parts, small volume, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, this mud water pump enjoys stable performance.

BW250 mud pump

High Quality Horizontal Elctric Triplex Well Drilling Bw-250 Mud Pump Feature:

1.BW mud pump is horizontal triplex grout pump with high stability and high pressure.

2.Eight gear shift to adjust the flow, large output capacity, simple operation.

3.High quality pump parts, less wearing parts, long service life, low construction cost.

4.Fast suction-discharge speed, high pump efficiency.

5.Less noise and dust, environmental operation.

mud pump

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