A Smart Electronic Business Card Opens A New Business Model

A Smart Electronic Business Card opens a new Business Model:

Recently, the new micro-marketing solution launched by the company is officially launched! Breaking the traditional sales method can accurately locate the micro-marketing customer information and realize the barrier-free communication between the two parties.

        The business card is a personal electronic business card developed by the business treasure platform for micro-marketing. Business cards can be linked to the company's business, and while sharing business cards, business can be shared with customers. It is equivalent to a mobile electronic product manual for customers to view.

        Simply present your QR code, which is equivalent to the promotion of personal information, products and companies, and quickly achieve the aggregation and fission of traffic. Business cards are in hand, business says there is!

        Who is interested in your product? Who repeatedly browses your business card? Who wants to interact with you? Smart Big Data helps you analyze. All visitor information will be recorded in the back of the business card, business card holders can easily obtain accurate intention customers, avoiding repeated efforts on invalid customers.

        Use the screen instead of paper, turn the business card content into a database, turn the business card function into super software, exchange the business card exchanges, and turn the peer-to-peer isolated social relationship into a distributed human network. Make business cards a tool for connecting business opportunities around the world, making mobile phones a business platform.

        The business card function subverts the functional limitations of traditional paper business cards and simple electronic business cards. Based on strong technical research and development strength and marketing experience, the traditional enterprise business management is integrated into a small business card to achieve through a powerful Internet. Connect tools to make business easier.

        According to statistics, 1 billion people are active on WeChat every month, and the number of small program users has exceeded 600 million. Faced with the huge number of users, how to use WeChat to increase traffic will become the focus.