How Mud Pump Well Drilling Deal With Piling Mud.


Sludge treatment equipment of high degree of automation, centrifuge feed at work, separating and discharging process was conducted under the high speed continuous automatic, USES the programmable control system to achieve automatic control of centrifugal, the separation process.Its work performance is stable, the technology is strong, can adjust the speed, the difference speed according to the change of the material.To achieve the best energy saving effect.

How to deal with piling mud?Piling mud is one of the important construction materials in the construction of bored cast-in-place pile, and it plays the role of balancing well wall pressure, cooling bit, suspending drilling slag and protecting hole wall.The circulating mud system should be arranged in the construction of bridge drilling and filling pile, oil drilling, non-excavation crossing and underground continuous wall.The amount of mud is related to borehole diameter, drilling depth and treatment mode.

Sinotrans pile mud treatment by tank car to take up some land and low efficiency, and the high cost of transportation, prone to mud flow, construction conditions, environmental pollution and water pollution hazards.Mud treatment equipment is a high-tech product of environmental protection, suitable for the treatment of various kinds of mud in modern pile foundation engineering.This equipment is helpful to control mud index, improve the quality of pile and pile driving efficiency, shorten the pile driving cycle, mud dehydration after water recycling, reduce the construction cost, reduce sticking accidents, and reduce environmental pollution, is one of the necessary equipment based civilization construction.

Piling mud treatment process of sludge and flocculant solution through the feeding tube are fed into the machine, mixed flocculation in this process, the device of high-speed spinning and friction resistance formed under the action of centrifugal force, the proportion of solid particles larger settlement to the machine wall forming mud, recycling and spiral drum relative speed difference of the solid phase into the drum cone end, launched after sludge dehydration, the slag discharge, clear fluid from the discharge outlet, mud and water separation.It is simple to use the density difference of solid liquid two phase, in the effect of centrifugal force, accelerate the settling velocity of solid particles to achieve high efficiency mud treatment.

Sludge treatment equipment will be material for solid-liquid separation equipment, widely used in sludge treatment and sludge dewatering, wastewater treatment and other fields, it USES the difference between different materials in the centrifugal field precipitation speed, realize the solid-liquid separation.