How Should The Steel Connecting Sleeve Be Made?

Standard of practice:

1. The steel bar is cut with a toothless saw and the end face is straight;

2, the steel sleeve is qualified, the steel thread processing is full of teeth, no broken teeth and other defects; after the thread processing is completed, the protective cover should be protected;

3. The sleeve connection is connected by a torque wrench, and the tightening torque value meets the requirements of the specification;

4. Check one by one, and mark the paint after passing the test.

  Quality Standard:

1. The end of the steel bar shall be perpendicular to the axis and shall not have a horseshoe shape or deflection;

2. The tightening torque value of the torque wrench meets the specifications or design requirements, and the accuracy of the torque wrench is ±15%;

3. Exposed at each end after connection cannot exceed one complete filament;

4. Two interconnected steel ribs should be in a straight line.


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