Nigeria Abuja International Mining Exhibition

- Jan 24, 2019-

The Nigerian Mining Fair CONMIN WEST AFRICA is the largest and most important exhibition in the West African engineering and mining sector, providing a professional trading platform for the fast-growing construction machinery and mining industry in Africa. The exhibition is a platform for exhibitions and exhibitions of West African engineering and mining companies. It is also a comprehensive and high-quality platform for exploring related problems facing engineering.

Exhibition area: 15,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 44 exhibitors from 11 countries

Number of viewers: 2,000

1. Mining equipment: roadheader, coal mining machine, drill rig, trolley, DTH drilling rig, water sealing technology, support equipment, forklift, half-cutting machine, excavator, mine car, dump truck, mine hoist, overhead Cableway, scraper conveyor;

2. Mineral processing equipment: crushing machinery, concrete cement grinding machine, screening machinery, sorting machinery, dewatering machinery and various growth lines;

3. Exploration equipment: rotary drilling machine, rotary vertical shaft drilling rig, derrick (drilling tower), winch, power machine (motor, diesel engine), mud pump, valve and other equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment such as manipulator and pipe twisting machine;

4. Safety protection and fire-fighting equipment: mine support equipment, mine ventilation test equipment, mine wire rope and wire rope flaw detector, explosion-proof equipment, respiratory protection equipment, mine escape/self-rescue equipment, emergency equipment, mine safety monitoring system, mine information management System, protection technology, mine communication system, mining electromechanical products, noise protection equipment, underground lighting equipment, safety signs, protective clothing, labor survey equipment, fire fighting equipment;

5. Non-ferrous metal production technology and equipment: reduction, refining, smelting, hydrometallurgy, electrochemistry, aluminum regeneration and recovery system, environmental protection technology equipment for non-ferrous metal production, non-ferrous mining equipment, non-ferrous smelting equipment, non-ferrous metal surface treatment (electroplating , painting, spraying, anti-corrosion, etc. technology and equipment; automatic control, testing equipment and instrumentation for non-ferrous metal production, recycling of waste metal non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal processing, casting and pouring equipment, packaging equipment, etc.