Peru International Mining Equipment And Mining Machinery Expo EXPOMINA

exhibition time: 2020.09.09 ~ 2020.09.11

Since the establishment of the Peruvian International Mining Exhibition in 1954, it has been held every two years in Lima, Peru. It is hosted by the Peruvian Mining Engineers Association and supported by the Peruvian National Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Peru ’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals. Long-standing, internationally influential and prominent reputation

exhibition criteria:

Mining and related products: Mining machinery and advanced mining technology, mining machinery, mining machinery, rock drilling machinery, pile machinery, lifting machinery, lifting equipment, concrete machinery, construction machinery, reinforced prestressing machinery, scraping equipment, loading and Transportation machinery, pneumatic tools, beneficiation and prospecting equipment and technology, ore crushing and grinding machinery, mining screening machinery, surface equipment, conveying equipment, underground loaders, mine electric locomotives and mining tools and equipment, diamond tools, drilling equipment And technology;

Construction machinery: bulldozers, graders, trenchers, heavy vehicles and trucks, etc .;

Mining power equipment and related products: power transmission equipment and accessories, power engineering equipment and accessories, various motors, micro-motors, compressors, bearings, diesel generator sets, mobile power generation equipment, insulation materials and equipment, wires and cables and production Equipment and technology, electric ceramics, blasting materials and equipment, underground explosion-proof motors, underground lighting equipment and technology, and related products;

Material processing equipment and related products: material processing equipment, storage and raw material processing systems;

Geological exploration agencies and mining evaluation services: geophysical, geochemical, aerial remote sensing, surveying and mapping services, geological data processing, automation and information service companies, software development, data analysis, laboratories and satellite communications, etc .; mineral rights transactions, etc .; transportation, Logistics and communications;

Safety, health and environment and related products: supply and technology, ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, environmental protection, safety protection equipment related products, etc .;

Others: Testing equipment and maintenance, related parts and accessories, new materials, new processes, special manufacturing equipment, after-sales service technology, supply, service, training, consulting, media and publishers, etc.