Splitting Machine - Demolition Expert For Rock Reinforced Concrete

The hydraulic splitting machine can generate 500T tons of splitting force in a single machine. It can easily open the boulder or concrete in a few seconds, which is the best choice for static blasting.

Compared with similar foreign products, its price is low (about 1/4 of the price of foreign products). It is an ideal device that can replace secondary blasting and manual disintegration.

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

The splitter equipment products are mainly used for:

1. A split lysate of a large ore (metal or non-metallic ore);

2. Partial and complete demolition of concrete components (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridge and building components);

    3. Rock excavation or demolition of tunnels, ditches and other indoor or narrow spaces:

     It covers many projects such as stone breakage, road demolition, and slope treatment. Hydraulic splitting machine breaking method, in the case of not allowing explosives to blast, compared to the "breaking hammer" operation method, can create better economic benefits: save time, save money!

large rock splitter 2

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