Why The Mud Pump Don't Work

The cause and elimination of the failure of the pump

   Reason 1: The inlet valve is not opened, the inlet and outlet pipelines are blocked, and the impeller flow channel is blocked. Treatment method: check and remove the obstruction.

   Reason 2: The motor runs in the wrong direction, and the speed of the motor phase loss is very slow. Treatment method: adjust the direction of the motor and tighten the motor wiring.

   Cause 3: The suction pipe is leaking. Treatment method: Tighten each sealing surface to eliminate air.

mud pump bw150

Reason 4: The pump is not filled with liquid, and there is air in the pump cavity. Treatment method: Open the upper cover of the pump or open the exhaust valve to exhaust the air.

   Reason 5: Insufficient water supply at the inlet, excessive suction, and leaky bottom valve. Treatment method: shutdown inspection and adjustment (this phenomenon is easy to occur when using the grid-connected water pipe and with suction).

   Reason 5: The pipeline resistance is too large, and the pump is not properly selected. Treatment method; reduce pipeline bends and reselect the pump.

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