With It, The Efficiency Doubles ------ Ripper

In the excavation process of the foundation pit of Nanjing High-speed Railway Station, a large amount of weathered rock needs to be broken. The construction method of the traditional excavator configuration breaker is challenged: the breaker can only break the weather fossil from point and surface, and the efficiency Low; due to the limited area of the foundation pit, multiple excavators are working in the foundation pit, which affects the loading.

Vipper 1

The more difficult the project, the more the application of new work methods and new attachments, when a contractor purchased the ripper for the project. Unlike the single-point operation of the breaker, the ripper can crush the weathered rock piece by piece, and the work efficiency is greatly improved, and several other contractors are pushed out of the construction site.

Whether the penetration rate of attachments can be improved depends on its return on investment. In certain specific conditions, more specialized accessories can subvert the efficiency of the work, and the contractor earns a lot of money.

Hydraulic Vipper

Ripper: Also known as ripper, the ripper has a workable device that is broken and loosened. Divided into excavator ripper and bulldozer ripper, excavator ripper is also called bucket hook, bulldozer ripper is also called tail hook, generally single tooth, also has two or three teeth, excavation and cutting force. An integrally cast loose tooth with an ear hole in the upper part, respectively hinged with the stick and the bucket cylinder, and a toothed cap with a hard alloy surfacing at the front end of the tooth tip. When the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is extended, the tip of the tooth is forced to be inserted. And turn the soil. It is used to excavate cracked rocks, crush frozen soil, and also used to excavate asphalt pavement. It is suitable for the crushing and splitting of hard soil, secondary stone and weathered stone, so as to facilitate the use of excavation construction, the stratification of working conditions is better, the bucket is difficult to dig, and the hammer is a little easy to waste, then the ripper is used. It will greatly improve the construction efficiency, first use the ripper to separate the soil layer or the weathered stone layer, and then use the quick connector to switch the bucket loading!

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