Working Principle Of Car-mounted Polisher Riding Trowel Machine

- May 21, 2020-

 The car polishing machine is a rough and fine polishing machine for concrete surface. The machine-built surface is smoother and smoother than the manually-built surface, which can greatly improve the compactness and abrasion resistance of the concrete surface, and improve the work efficiency by more than 10 times compared with manual operation. The ground trowel Polisher ride-On Trowels can also be widely used in the sizing, smoothing and smoothing of the concrete surfaces of high-standard factories, warehouses, parking lots, plazas, airports and frame buildings.

 The water spray pipe can be made of plastic pipe, and the rear end of the water spray pipe is provided with an atomizing nozzle. The atomizing nozzle can include a spray head. The atomizing nozzle can be used to spray atomized water, which can humidify the wall and make the wall humidity Evenly. A fixing rod is arranged on the water pump control handle and the motor control handle, the fixing rod is hollow, and a water pump switch or a motor controller may be arranged on the fixing rod. The motor controller can be connected with a leakage protector. The top of the casing can be provided with a vertical level. The vertical level can ensure that the smoothed wall is perpendicular to the ground. The casing can be provided with a movable connection between the casing and the motor. The casing and the motor can pass through Bolted. The shell can be provided with a jet port, which is connected to the air pump or fan through a plastic tube. The gas emitted can accelerate the evaporation of water, which is beneficial to the rapid drying and smoothness of the wall surface. The jet is used for drying, and the spray is used for humidification. Convenient and effective. The cover can be made of metal material. The motor controller can be connected with a controller.

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 The controller can be connected with a humidity detection device. When the humidity of the wall is detected to be lower than the rated value, the sprinkler pipe automatically sprays water. When the humidity of the wall is detected to be higher than the rated value, the jet port automatically jets. The jet port can be set There is a one-way valve, and a shut-off valve can be provided on the water spray pipe. The wall trowel, riding trowel machine for sale described here includes a cover, a disc, a housing, a motor, a blocking block and a blade. The disc is a main body part, a blocking block is provided on the upper surface of the disc, and a cutter is provided upward of the disc. It is composed of a blade, the disc is connected with the cutter, and the blade is movably connected to form a cutter. The cutter is connected upward with a motor, and the motor is connected to the cutter through a transmission shaft. Nozzles, atomizing nozzles, hoses, water pumps, kettles, motor controllers, motor control handles and lithium batteries. The motors are AC and DC dual-purpose motors. The housing is made of insulating material. A lithium battery is provided inside the housing.