Round Pile Breaker

1.Simple modular structure, simple installation, equipped with different numbers of modules according to pile diameter
2.The universal hydraulic pile breaker can use the power of the excavator or the power of the hydraulic station
3.Environmentally friendly full hydraulic drive, low noise, static pressure construction, does not affect the quality of the pile.
4.Low personnel cost mainly depends on the operation of the excavator driver by one person, and can be equipped with another supervisor
5.The safety worker is the driver of the excavator and does not directly touch the broken pile

Product Details

Product Usage of Round Pile Breaker:

Cutting: such as cast-in-place piles, precast piles, etc.; from the shape of the pile cutting head, it can be divided into circular pile cutters and square pile cutters. Pile cutters are widely used in bridges, industrial and civil construction pile foundation projects. Generally, circular pile cutters are suitable for pile diameters between 300mm-1800mm; square pile cutters are suitable for pile side lengths of 250-600mm, which can meet various large Requirements for foundation construction.
working principle
The Round Pile Breaker provides pressure to multiple cylinders of the pile cutter through a power source, and the cylinders directly drive the drill rod and simultaneously squeeze the pile body to cut off the pile head. During the construction of the pile cutter, it has simple operation, high efficiency, low noise and low cost, and is suitable for pile group construction projects. The pile cutter adopts a highly modular combination, and the modules are connected by pin shafts, and the pile heads within a certain range of diameter can be cut through the combination of different modules.

Round Pile Breaker

Construction steps
According to the construction pile diameter, refer to the construction reference parameter table to combine the corresponding quantity modules, and directly connect the pile cutter to the working platform through the quick-change joint; then move the pile cutter to the working pile head and pile pile; adjust the height of the pile cutter to a suitable level Cut pile position, clamp the pile surface that needs to be cut off; adjust the system pressure of the excavator according to the strength of the concrete poured by the pile, pressurize the oil cylinder until the concrete pile body breaks under strong pressure; directly use the platform after the pile body is cut off The lifting force lifts the concrete block; moves the broken pile block to the designated position.
1. Advanced hydraulic pile cutting method to achieve high efficiency and low noise pile cutting
2. modular design, through the combination of different numbers of modules, to achieve the cutting of pile heads of different diameters
Three, high cost performance, low operating cost, cost performance is completely close to foreign products
4. the Round Pile Breaker pile cutting operation is simple, no professional skills are required, and the operation is quite safe.
5. The pile cutter can be connected with a variety of construction machinery to truly realize the versatility and economy of the product. It can be hung on construction machinery such as excavator cranes and telescopic booms.
6. The long-life design brings good benefits to customers.

Round Pile Breaker

Bangze Power Machinery's high-efficiency pile cutter adopts advanced cylinder hydraulic technology, composed of multiple cylinder modules, connected by drill rods, and can be disassembled. It is suitable for piles with different diameters from 200 to 1800 mm. The construction ability of Beiyi Machinery has won the word of mouth. The traditional labor, the pneumatic pick is broken, the efficiency is low, and the labor cost is high. In this increasingly developing new era, machinery is bound to replace labor. After years of technology accumulation, Beiyi Machinery The modular Round Pile Breaker is developed on the basis of the leading technology in the country, which greatly increases the construction efficiency, combines high flexibility, high efficiency, low noise, low cost, and low labor. It is favored by bosses in various industries.
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