Cold H-beam steel bending machine Pipe bending machine

1.Special equipment for steel arches, which can bend large curvature I-beam, U-shaped steel, channel steel vertical bend and transverse bend.
2.Three motor drive, hydraulic cylinder advancement.
3.Press the "forward" button of the hydraulic cylinder. After the hydraulic cylinder reaches the position, it is bent and formed once. It is easy to operate.
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H-beam bending machine description:

I-beam on the cold bending machine, contact with the roller driven by the deceleration, and feed the compression handle to lock the motor oil pump set. The high-pressure relief valve (which can adjust all pressures) output by the electric oil pump enters the integration. Block-to-cable valve, electro-hydraulic valve and moving point switch (point-in, point-out) control the cylinder work, the working cylinder advances, presses H-beam or I-beam and the three support cruisers and starts to calculate when the bending deformation occurs, the cylinder The length of the advancement process is 10mm-15mm, and the main motor drives the I-beam to work.

Cold H beam bending machine

H-beam Bending machine Structure:

The hydraulic cold bending machine consists of two sets of motor and reduction gear sets, active rollers, passive rollers and oil pump motors, gear pumps, relief valves, electromagnetic steering valves, and hydraulic workstations consisting of cylinders.

Cold H beam Steel bending Mahcine

H beam Bending machine Usage:

CNC hydraulic arch bending machine system: the use of hydraulic system, with a smooth transmission, pressure and other characteristics. Mainly used in tunnels, subways, hydropower stations, underground holes and other I-beam, channel bending.

Bending machine Application

Cold Bending machine Specifications:

Profile   specifications

14-32 I-beam

Minimum   bending radius


Cylinder   sliding speed of

8-15mm / sec

Driving wheel   speed

7-10r / min

Hydraulic   system power


Total power


Machine   quality


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