Electric Rebar Bender|Auto

1. A new and improved push-type embossing system to reduce damage to steel.
  2. The operation control system adopts DC speed regulation and frequency conversion speed control. Improve the efficiency of the motor, reduce the noise of the motor, make your working environment more environmentally friendly, easy to use, and high precision.
3. the fuselage structure is reasonable and compact, and all the details have been fully improved and reinforced. Let you use more peace of mind. The whole machine has a small footprint and is easy to move.
4. It can produce 700~800 ribbed steel ribs per hour, and can be adjusted as needed.
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Product Details

Description of Electric rebar bender:

Heavy-duty portable rebar bender helps save valuable man-hours by bending rebar up to #7 (7/8???) grade 60 at the job site or in your shop. This strong electrical-mechanical bender has two preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend. The lever-type angle selector can be set to accurately bend any angle from 0-180 degrees. An emergency stop switch and two lifting handles are standard features. The DBD-25X portable rebar bender comes complete with a set of (6) bending rollers in a steel carrying case, a tool kit, a bender cover, and a standard foot pedal control switch for hands-free bending. Optional stands, circular pattern rollers, and a highway trailer unit are available.

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Parameters of Electric rebar bender: