H-frame Steel Bending Machine

(1) PLC program full hydraulic system automatic reading device can achieve numerical control operation.
(2) infinite feed, can be retreated. Automatic reading of bending dimensions.
(3) dual automatic shutdown system, to reach the specified size of automatic shutdown, infrared brake system, no material automatically shut down.
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Product Details

Introduction of H-frame steel bending machine:

CNC hydraulic arch bending machine system: the use of hydraulic system, with a smooth transmission, pressure and other characteristics. Mainly used in tunnels, subways, hydropower stations, underground holes and other I-beam, channel bending.

Product Introduction

There is the first I-beam bending machine to increase the numerical control device is the machine in the construction more quickly and easily accurate, CNC bending machine full hydraulic control can be divided into: touch screen, button type. It consists of the base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, numerical control system and auxiliary operating system composed of six parts, can take manual or numerical control.

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Parameters of H-frame steel bending machine:

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FAQ of H-frame steel bending machine:

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