Steel Beam Bending Machine Manufacturers Recommended|beam Cold Bending Machine Efficiency

Steel Beam Bending Machine Manufacturers Recommended|beam Cold Bending Machine Efficiency

(1) PLC program full hydraulic system automatic reading device can achieve numerical control operation. (2) infinite feed, can be retreated. Automatic reading of bending dimensions. (3) dual automatic shutdown system, to reach the specified size of automatic shutdown, infrared brake system, no material automatically shut down.

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steel beam bending machine manufacturers recommended|beam cold bending machine efficiency

WGJ-250 automatic electro-hydraulic control type cold steel beam bending machine

(Cold bending arch) is my company independent research and development of new automatic steel bending arch products. The use of hydraulic system, with a smooth transmission, pressure and other characteristics, mainly used in tunnels, subways, hydropower stations, underground caverns and other I-beam, steel angle steel U-shaped steel profiles such as bending.

1 This product intelligent PLC electronic control part of the hardware using military-grade 32-bit chip, with nanosecond computing speed, strong anti-jamming capability, input / output are used optocoupler, the internal integrated analog input / output module, As well as rs485, and other communication modules.

2 lcd Chinese LCD screen / TFT touch screen, parameter settings, running status at a glance, touch or keyboard control convenience.

3 software using Mitsubishi plc model design, to provide users with intelligent equipment operation program, the product is high precision, safe mode of operation.

4 electric control cabinet with computer / manual two parts, components using domestic manufacturers such as Chint, more security and stability.

WGJ250 ring bending machines.jpg


Profile   specifications

14-32 I-beam

Minimum   bending radius

≥ 2m

Cylinder   sliding speed of

8-15mm / sec

Driving wheel   speed

7-10r / min

Hydraulic   system power


Total power


Machine   quality


WGJ-250 automatic electro-hydraulic control type cold steel beam bending machine

It is a new type of equipment for making steel arch of tunnel support. It consists of the base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system composed of six parts. Work, the required cold-formed steel by the auxiliary system of the door bracket pushed between the two active rollers, the hydraulic system to start the hydraulic cylinder to push the dovetail and cold-rolled roller cold-rolled steel, to be designed to achieve Arc off the hydraulic system, start the mechanical transmission system, so that the active wheel rotation and rely on friction to promote the smooth and steady steel forward, in order to achieve continuous cold bending operations. At the end of the cold bend, turn off the mechanical transmission system, while starting the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic cylinder to recover. Place the cold-formed steel on the door bracket of the auxiliary system. This cold bending operation, to ensure the strength of the material to improve the quality of the support steel arch, greatly improving the efficiency, simple operation, clear. Cold bending machine compared with the press, with good work performance.

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