U Steel Round Pipe and Tube Bending Bender Machine

1 reasonable structure, simple operation.
2 hydraulic drive, a molding.
3 workers labor intensity greatly reduced, safe operation.
4 intentions to innovation, competition can develop.
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U steel platform arc bending machine|used in tunnel support Steel Arch Bending machine

WGJ-U steel bending machine on the old U-shaped steel arch can be repaired, molding reuse, to overcome the existence of a series of defects in the repair, with high repair efficiency, the loss of U-shaped steel strength, high precision, and then after molding , Without skirt and other advantages.

U steel platform arc bending machine5

U shape bending machine parameters:



U25U29/U36 Roll forming cold bending

Hydraulic system pressure



Top roll advancing speed



Minimum bending radius



Active roller speed



Total power



Total Weight






U shape Steel bending machine Operation method:

The cold bending machine puts the I-beam on the cold bending machine, and after contacting the roller driven by the deceleration, the pressing handle is fed tightly to start the motor oil pump group, and the high pressure relief valve output by the electric oil pump can adjust all the pressures. ), enter the integrated block to the cable valve, there are electro-hydraulic valve and moving point switch (point-in, point-out) to control the cylinder work, the working cylinder advances, press the I-beam and the three support cruisers and bend for deformation. At the beginning of the calculation, the length of the cylinder propulsion process is 10mm-15mm, and the main motor drives the I-beam to work, and it is repeated until it is needed.

U steel Plasform arc bending machine

Application of U shape bending machine:

Proper use of equipment, careful implementation of equipment maintenance, to comply with safe operating procedures, is to reduce equipment failure, extend equipment life, safety and production of the necessary conditions, so the equipment operators and maintenance personnel must understand the equipment structure, performance, And operating procedures.

Do not start the motor until the tank is injected into the oil. Before using the first check the oil tank is filled, if not enough to fill, to prevent the pump pumping empty. Equipment used in the hydraulic oil must be strictly filtered before the injection tank, the tank must be cleaned before loading oil, generally recommended the use of 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

U shape platform bending machine6

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