Round Section Steel I-beam bending machine pipe rolling machine

1 reasonable structure, simple operation.
2 hydraulic drive, a molding.
3 workers labor intensity greatly reduced, safe operation.
4 intentions to innovation, competition can develop
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Round Section Steel I-beam bending machine pipe rolling machine description:

WGJ-H steel bending machine on the old H-shaped steel arch can be repaired, molding reuse, to overcome the existence of a series of defects in the repair, with high repair efficiency, the loss of H-shaped steel strength, high precision, and then after molding , Without skirt and other advantages.

H steel platform arc bending machine1

Basic technical parameters:



Applicable steel

10#-32# H Steel,39# U Channel





Hydraulic system pressure


Cylinder propulsion speed


Rotating speed


Min.bending dia






Structural Analysis:

Bending Machine Structural Analysis

Cold bending machine Use:

H-beam cold bending machine is mainly used for arching, variable diameter and fixed angle bending of steels such as I-beam, miner steel, U-shaped steel, C-shaped steel, angle steel, channel steel, rail, square steel and steel pipe. I-beam bending machine is mainly used in tunnels, subways, hydropower stations, underground caverns and other I-beams, and channel steel is bent. The CNC I-beam cold bending machine adopts digital display encoder programming to make the hydraulic control system accurately positioned. The curved steel is automatically formed at one time, with high efficiency and convenient operation. I-beam bending machine is widely used in the construction of tunnels, subways, hydropower stations, underground caverns, etc. It is an ideal equipment for the manufacture of steel arches.

angle bending machine zhongtuo.jpg

Repair and maintenance:

1. After the first refueling operation of the new machine, change the oil for a week, and clean the internal oil, and replace it every 3-6 months later.

2. In the actual operation process, when the oil temperature exceeds 60° and abnormal noise occurs, it should be stopped immediately and checked again. After correct troubleshooting, it can be put into operation again.

3. Replace the hydraulic oil after 15 working days of the new machine.

4. Hydraulic oil is replaced once a year.

5. Fill the bearing with grease every day according to the usage.

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