U Type Bracket Arc Bending Machine|Used in Hydraulic Platform of Coal Mine Building U Steel Bending

U Type Bracket Arc Bending Machine|Used in Hydraulic Platform of Coal Mine Building U Steel Bending

1 reasonable structure, simple operation.
2 hydraulic drive, a molding.
3 workers labor intensity greatly reduced, safe operation.
4 intentions to innovation, competition can develop
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Product Details

U type bracket arc bending machine|Used in hydraulic platform of coal mine building U steel bending

Product description:

WGJ-U steel bending machine on the old U-shaped steel arch can be repaired, molding reuse, to overcome the existence of a series of defects in the repair, with high repair efficiency, the loss of U-shaped steel strength, high precision, and then after molding , Without skirt and other advantages.

Products use:

  Applicable to 25u, 29u, 36U three U-shaped steel after quenching and tempering after the formation of the beam and legs, after forming the U-shaped steel bracket, technical indicators in line with "coal mine U-shaped steel telescopic stent manufacturing technology" MTl95-89 standard Of all the requirements, the use of the domestic technology leader in the "side roll swing four roll principle" to achieve the U-shaped steel frame beam roll forming towel fixed length of material, a feed, automatic molding.

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Product parameters:



U25U29/U36 Roll forming cold bending

Hydraulic system pressure



Top roll advancing speed



Minimum bending radius



Active roller speed



Total power



Total Weight






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Hydraulic u - steel bending machine Note

1. The equipment is mounted on a hard foundation and is positioned so that the feed rail surface is at the horizontal position.

2. I-beam must work on a horizontal table (with a rolling table).

3. Before use must be fueled (reducer plus 30 # oil, fuel tank plus 46 # hydraulic oil, after the regular replacement of new oil.

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