Wholesale Beam Bending Machine

Wholesale Beam Bending Machine

WGJ-250 automatic electro-hydraulic control type bending machine is a new equipment for tunnel support steel arch manufacture.

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Wholesale beam bending machine

In modern tunnel construction process, in order to adapt to the construction of geological section poor surrounding rock, the design often used steel arch. In order to meet the tunnel construction of steel arch supporting the requirement of high quality, large quantity, and along with the change of surrounding rock and the random variation characteristics, design of steel arch processing equipment - bending machine.

The device is realized based on guaranteeing the strength of steel on continuous operation, to meet the different requirements of various size design, improve product quality, processing speed, and greatly reduce the labor intensity, saving a lot of manpower, material resources, and achieved good economic and social benefits in practice.

One, characteristics and uses of Bender Rolling Flat Bar:

WGJ-250 automatic electro-hydraulic control type bending machine is a new equipment for tunnel support steel arch manufacture. It consists of six parts, which are base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system. When working, the steel will be required by the cold bending processing auxiliary system bracket push door type between the two driving roller, start the hydraulic system makes the hydraulic cylinder drives the dovetail groove and cold bending roller cold steel, to close the radian design in the required hydraulic system, mechanical transmission system startup, active wheel rotation and rely on friction drive smooth steel moving slowly, so as to realize the continuous operation of cold. At the end of the cold bend, the mechanical transmission system is closed, and the hydraulic system is started at the same time, so that the hydraulic cylinder is retracted.

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Two. Structure composition of beam bending machine:

The hydraulic cold bending supply machine consists of two sets of main motor and reducer group and active roller. Passive roller and oil pump motor, gear pump, overflow valve, electromagnetic steering valve work without cylinder components of the hydraulic workstation components and other components.

Three. The principle of work of Angle Roll Bending:

I will put in the cold bending machine, and the roller contact gear drives after the pressing handle feed lock, start the motor pump group, a high pressure relief valve electric pump output (adjustable pressure all), integrated into the cable to block valve, electro-hydraulic valve and a switch point (point, point out) control cylinder, cylinder propulsion, and three support will steel pressing and bending deformation for cruise is calculated, the length of the cylinder pushing process for 10mm-15mm, the opening of the main motor drives the I-beam, repeated operation, to achieve the required date.

Four, bending system of steel beam bending machine:

The active roller, the passive roller uses the special material, through the whole heat treatment, reduces the wear of the cruise wheel, has no scratches to the workpiece, and has a longer service life.

The hydraulic system of the WGJ250 hydraulic profile bending machines adopts the advanced hydraulic components and the unique hydraulic system design. It has increased the ejection and rebound device, enabling the ejection to be strong, prolong the service life and avoid frequent maintenance.