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Features of Automatic feeding shotcreting machine:
1. Low cost
2. High efficiency
3. Simple operation
4. advanced technology, reasonable structure.
5. stable performance, long service life and so on.
6. provincial workers and materials, strong maneuverability.
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Description of Automatic feeding shotcreting machine

Automatic feeding shotcreting machines are used for spraying wet or dry cement based material onto walls, cuttings or roadways for stabilization purposes. The layering of the material by use of compressed air builds a strong layer usually in conjunction with reinforcing steel. The most popular shotcrete machine used in underground coal mines and tunnelling is the Piccola due to its size and ease of use.

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The Automatic feeding shotcreting machine is usually used for concrete spraying during tunnel construction.It is with automatic system for feeding concrete and accelerating agent, it could install two sets or 3sets dry mix shotcrete machine which output is 7m3/h as per your request,double hopper or single hopper is for your choice. it is high efficiency,lower the labor cost and material consumed to improve the economic benefit largely.

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Parameters of Automatic feeding shotcreting machine:

Production capacity


The maximum conveying distance


The maximum aggregate size


Working pressure


Air consumption


The Automatic feeding shotcreting machine motor power


Cylinder motor power


Voltage class






Machine weight


Operating procedures for Automatic feeding shotcreting machine:

1. automatic feeding spray gun must be trained and trained professionals to operate; drivers should pay attention to keep the key, non-professionals is strictly prohibited driving, operation of the equipment. 2. During the operation of the spray gun, there are people commanding the front and rear of the vehicle. During the marching process, no one except the driver can take the vehicle. Violators are fined 50 yuan. 3, sprayer must use experienced skilled workers, and spraying operations outside the safe range. 

4. Before the vehicle moves, it is necessary to empty the silo and the quick-setting coagulant hopper, and place the silo in the position above the silo rack. 

5. It is forbidden to move the automatic feeding gun before the bin lift cylinder is fully retracted.

6. Before the vehicle moves, it must be disconnected from the external power supply and gas source. 

7. After the parking flameout, the handbrake parking device should be pulled up to prevent accidents caused by slipping. After the tire is plugged in and out, after the support leg is released, be sure to ensure that the device is in a horizontal state without skewing or dumping. 

8. Conduct a careful inspection before starting the equipment to ensure that no wires are exposed, aged, leaked, short-circuited, etc. to eliminate potential safety hazards. 

9, before starting the equipment other personnel must retreat to the safe range. It is forbidden to stay, climb or stand beside the equipment. It is forbidden to stand under the hopper. 

10. The operator must wear safety equipment before operating the equipment. 

11. It is forbidden to touch the running device with a limb or a tool when the device is running. 

12. When a blockage occurs, the machine must be shut down in time to cut off the wind source and power supply to prevent explosion

Automatic feeding shotcreting machine

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Automatic feeding shotcreting machine

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