Automatic Feeding Shotcreting Machine|The Vehicle Two Units for Dry Concrete Shotcrete Shotcrete Tunnel Operation

1 advanced technology, reasonable structure.
2 stable performance, long service life and so on.
3 provincial workers and materials, strong maneuverability.
4 The market is the direction of the enterprise, the quality is the life of the enterprise
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Product Details

Automatic feeding shotcreting machine|The vehicle two units for dry concrete shotcrete shotcrete tunnel operation

Product description:

Automatic feeding shotcreting machine is currently more advanced advanced spraying equipment, which solves the traditional shotcrete machine manual manual material defects. Thus changing the previous shotcrete process on the existence of "low efficiency, high energy consumption, high rebound, pollution," the characteristics.

Products use:

Widely used in mining, tunnels, subways, hydropower and other work of concrete construction operations. It is the emergence of tunnel construction in the productivity of the leap in the improvement Automatic Loading Shotcrete Machine.

Product parameters:

Production capacity


The maximum conveying   distance


The maximum aggregate size


Working pressure


Air consumption


The Automatic feeding shotcreting machine motor power


Cylinder motor power


Voltage class






Machine weight


In use Note:

Our fleet body length and width are based on the national requirements of the tunnel tailored to the basic are common, if you need to spray the tunnel is too small, you tell us the width of the tunnel we can customize the model for you The Some sites have a new shotcrete machine can also be without spraying machine, automatic trailer mounted shotcrete machine the price will be lower, if we need to install the shotcrete machine, customers only need to pay the installation fee, for the new customers have not used the equipment we have Professional and technical telephone guidance, if not yet we will send someone to the construction site guidance, I believe that a cooperation will become a permanent friend, look forward to your call!

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