Automatic Loading Shotcrete Machine|Multifunctional Full Automatic Intelligent

Automatic Loading Shotcrete Machine|Multifunctional Full Automatic Intelligent

The product is equipped with a large capacity hopper mixer, combined with the full realization of mechanical loading, the same is the use of hydraulic system to control the strong and stable mechanical cutting, cutting speed and feed in the continuity of artificial feeding affected the function of the body compared to improve quality, thereby reducing the idle rate of spraying machine to improve the spraying efficiency, reduce consumption.
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Automatic Loading Shotcrete Machine|Multifunctional full automatic intelligent 

Shotcreting machine, also known as automatic feeding shotcreting machine, is a new patented product of tunnel shotcrete support. Compared with the tunnel shotcreting machine used in the past, it has the following obvious advantages Characteristics:

1. high efficiency, low energy consumption of this product is equipped with a large capacity hopper and the intelligent hydraulic system to control the strong and stable mechanical cutting, feeding in spraying machine, cutting speed and cutting the continuity of artificial feeding is affected by the quality of the function of the body often raise. In order to reduce the idle rate of concrete spraying equipment and improve the efficiency of automatic trailer mounted shotcrete machine, the efficiency of the product is increased by about 30% compared with the manual feeding shotcrete under the test condition. Due to the increase of efficiency, the time of spraying the same amount of work is reduced, thus reducing the power consumption of the shotcrete machine and the auxiliary equipment in the construction face. According to the incomplete statistics, the power consumption can be saved by about 35%.

2. save labor, save material and save labor: tunnel construction is one of the most abominable environment in the existing engineering construction, belonging to high-risk environment operation. This product special mechanical automatic blanking equipment, only equipped with 2~3 people can easily operate the machine, compared with the manual blanking situation, need to be equipped with 6~10 workers feeding, in order to ensure a shotcrete confidential normal work, save a lot of manpower, reduce high-risk environment operators. Material saving: the hopper outlet is equipped with a regulating speed gate, which can adjust the cutting speed at random according to the spraying speed, but not the mixture leakage to the outside of the barrel of the shotcrete machine, resulting in the waste of the mixture. Avoid the manual with a spade a spade a spade of the material, resulting in a large number of mixes up the course of leakage in and around the air and can not make full use of.

3. reduce pollution first, the hopper automatic blanking process is the hopper outlet directly aligned to the shotcrete machine blanking cylinder blanking, mixing material has not been artificially rising process, so as to avoid the process of poplar production of a large amount of mixing waste and dust pollution. Secondly, the product changes the air returning structure of the original shotcreting machine and completely eliminates the dust returning to the air.

4. simple operation, wide operating surface products using automation system control, operation switch button is integrated on a panel, easy to operate without professional training.

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Safety operation of Tunnel concrete shotcrete truck:

first, the work should be carefully checked before the operation: whether to spray the anchor section is "looking for the top"; whether the dangerous stone is handled; whether the scaffold is reliable; how to protect measures; whether the ventilation and lighting is good or not. Check the location of the machine and equipment, whether the machine is safe or not. The pressure gauge and the safety valve must be installed in the jet machine, the grouting machine and the water tank, and withstand pressure test.

2, the jet machine operation should first wind to feed water, evacuation material, after spraying, first stop material, and then stop the wind, after the water supply. The pipe blockage should be cleared up as soon as possible. At the front of the nozzle plugging treatment prohibited to stand, prevent the ejecta, water and wind. Always check whether the pipe and joint are firm and no breakdown is possible. When sprayed concrete is needed, the time from the next shot to the next blasting shall not be less than 4 hours.

3. When the rock is first sprayed, the rock surface should be sprayed with water and sprayed to the design thickness. This is very important for stabilizing surrounding rock. The spray to the steel arch or net spray, spray enough thickness.

4, the spray hand should be familiar with the mechanical properties, especially to master the wind pressure, the distance from the spray surface, injection angle, injection sequence and thickness of each layer.

5, master the dry spray, mixing spray, spray, mixing spray process.


  1. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    A: We are original equipment manufacturer.

2. Q: How long is your delivery time?

    A: It is according to the model and quantity.

        Generally it is 3-5 days if the machines are in stock.

        It will be 15-30 days if you want to customize the machines.

3. Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

    A: Yes, we could offer you the sample machine.

        But it's not free. You need to pay for the sample and the cost of freight.

4. Q: What is your terms of payment?

    A: We accept T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Alibaba Escrow etc.

        Payment<=USD 5000, 100% in advance.

        Payment>=USD 5000, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment