Automatic Wet Mortar Sprayer|Cement Sand Mixed Wet Material Pneumatic Sprayer

1 reliable performance, strong adaptability.
2 durable, easy to operate.
3, compared with the traditional manual construction saves manpower, material and financial resources and valuable time, and also better in quality than the traditional construction of artificial construction, guaranteed.
Customer first, courteous service; quality first, leading technology
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Product Details

Automatic wet mortar sprayer|Cement sand mixed wet material pneumatic sprayer

Product description:

Automatic wet mortar sprayer and the filling machine is suitable for: leaking joints, settlement joint leaks, leaking underground tunnel leaks, mine plugging, plugging air defense project, the dam plugging leaks, floor, cracks, hollowing reinforcement, indoor an outer coating, cement mortar spraying, spraying ,, dry mortar grout and waterproof surface coating waterproof, waterproof coating, filling, spraying ceilings, walls spraying, paint spraying, landscape painting, paint spraying relief effect, handicrafts spray, paint, lacquer, Rockery spray, sculpture spray can be, sound-absorbing material spray.

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Products use:

For construction and external wall cement mortar sprayer, spraying wall insulation mortar, mortar brushed, sprayed refractories, building large-scale spraying fireproof material, water repellent spray and other projects.

Product parameters:

Power        KW


Flow rate     M³/H


Maximum pressure   MPa


Conveying distance  m


Conveying height  m


Through the diameter  mm


Hopper volume    L


Weight kg


Dimensions    mm


The cement mortar spraying machine.png

Mortar spraying machine in use Note:

1. At the construction site where the hydropower should be available, so easy to work;

2. 2. Construction site to try to choose those safe flat ground Automatic wet mortar sprayer.

3. At the time of construction, we should bring gloves, masks, goggles and helmets to prevent accidents;

4. When the Cement mortar spraying machine at work, the staff of the hand can not be placed in the hopper bucket; 5. There is the most important thing is the mechanical and circuit must be kept stacked in the supermarket and open areas. Only pay attention to these security issues, in order to truly achieve the safety of construction, protection of personal safety and property safety.


  1. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    A: We are original equipment manufacturer.

2. Q: How long is your delivery time?

    A: It is according to the model and quantity.

        Generally it is 3-5 days if the machines are in stock.

        It will be 15-30 days if you want to customize the machines.

3. Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

    A: Yes, we could offer you the sample machine.

        But it's not free. You need to pay for the sample and the cost of freight.

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