Dry Shotcrete Machine|Subway Tunnel Concrete Shotcrete Slope Support for Tunnel Subway Construction Standard

1 through the rotor-type non-adhesive material cavity, the material smooth, efficient and time-saving;
2 four-point elastic compensation compression, sealing effect is good, machine dust less, wearing a long life;
3 stream uniform, continuous and stable;
4 new nozzle, the material elbow device to improve the spraying effect, less rebound, spray layer of high quality.
5.To serve as the basis, to the quality of survival, technology and development;
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Product Details

Dry shotcrete machine|Subway tunnel concrete shotcrete slope support for tunnel subway construction standard

Product description:

Pz-5 Dry Shotcrete Machine is mainly driven by motor, reducer, rotor assembly, sealing plate, rubber plate, compactor mechanism, hopper seat, mine wheel, vibration hopper, compression mechanism and air Systems and electronic control devices and other components. The motor shaft ends the drive gear shaft and, after decelerating by the gear unit, drives the rotor mounted on the output shaft to rotate. After the gears are decelerated by the gear unit, the rotor mounted on the output shaft is driven to rotate. The transmission gear is lubricated by the lubricating oil in the reducer box and the oil level is measured by the oil injection needle.

Products use:

PZ-5 dry-mix shotcrete machine is a kind of common shotcrete equipment, which is widely used in engineering construction, mine, tunnel, culvert, subway, hydropower project, underground engineering and coal mine marsh roadway shotcrete construction work: all kinds Type of industrial furnace, lining the refractory spray molding or repair: all kinds of slope protection green construction, the soil transport and spraying. The machine can be used for tidal spray, can also be used for dry spray and a class of fiber jet operations.

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Product parameters:



Jet capacity


Maximum transmission distance


Water-cement ratio


The maximum aggregate size


Feed pipe diameter


Working pressure


Air consumption


Drive power


Voltage level

380V,440V,660V,1140V 50Hz/60Hz


chassis can be assembled into a tire type, slippery type, rail wheel type

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Dry Shotcrete Machine use Note:

1, concrete shotcrete machine shutdown, the gun should be inverted, to prevent water into the infusion tube.

2, after the shutdown, the duct should be plumbing, and clean the plaster and around, the rebound for processing.

3, the jet process if found to plug, stop the wind and other phenomena, to immediately stop, the tip of the inverted.

4, dealing with blocking the tube, the muzzle is strictly prohibited in front of the station, to prevent sudden jet or pipe jump wounding.

5, each class to clean the rubber sealing plate, and check the wear situation.

6, steel liner must be checked once a week, if there is a dry mix shotcrete deeper scratches scratches, it should be re-grinding.

7, shotcrete operatives must be trained, exam qualified certificates.

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