Grouting And Mixing machine|automacticly|HNBS-SKYJ350L

Grouting And Mixing machine|automacticly|HNBS-SKYJ350L

Introduction of structure-HNBS-YJ-350L grouting and mixing pump:
1. High-speed mixer
2.Automatic feeding machine
3.Low speed mixer
4 Water supply institutions
5.Grouting system
6 Central controller system
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Grouting and mixing machine|automacticly|HNBS-SKYJ350L

Application of Grouting and mixing machine

The grouting trolley mainly used on railway, highway construction . Set of automatic feeding, automatic metering, high-speed stirring, stirring speed, slurry pump in one. Applied in the railway, highway and bridge construction engineering application of prestress construction and some chemical products enterprises. 

grouting and mixing pump   grouting and mixing pump   

2.Characteristics of Grouting and mixing machine

2.1 Automatic operation

  Use only a single set of powder and water weight, trolley can be automatic weighing, control the weight of water and stirring time. After high speed stirring to open the discharge valve, the cement slurry into the low-speed stirring barrel reserve, and then close the high-speed stirring barrel discharging valve, high-speed stirring the next feeding blend.

2.2 High speed mixing

   The high speed mixing drum of this car has a rated speed of 1440 RPM / min. high speed mixing can make the powder and water to be fully compatible;

Its working procedures are as follows: first feed the water automatically, then the high-speed mixing drum will automatically run, and then add the grouting agent, the cement will continue to stir, after 3 minutes, it can be discharged into the storage tank with mixing function.

2.3 Low speed storage mixing bucket precipitation design

   The equipment design has a large capacity storage tank, can accommodate slurry of high speed stirring barrel has been completed to meet the continuous stirring, feeding flow grouting equipment. And have low speed mixing function, this function can effectively prevent mortar precipitation.

2.4 Drag the frame system

    The trolley is assembled on the movable frame and can be conveniently pulled and moved by other motor vehicles

3.The main parameters of Grouting and mixing machine

Model: HNBS-YJ-350L

High speed mixing section:   

   Mixing speed: 1440 revolutions per minute

   Single stir: 300 kg / time

   Measuring accuracy: better than 0.5% (fixed amount of agitation)

   Motor power: 7.5 kw

Low speed mixing section:   

   Mixing speed: 70 revolutions per minute

   Motor power: 2.2 kw

Automatic feeding system:

   Work form: screw conveyor

   Motor power: 2.2 kW, 2 units

Electronic control system:

   System name: HNBS-YJ-350L automatic feeding and grouting control system

Trailer frame:

Moving speed: not more than 20 km/ hour


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