Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System

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Product Details

Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System (Pump / Sprayer / Shotcrete Arm)

Description of Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System, Shotcrete Machine:

Tunnel application Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System system with robotic arm shotcrete machine application.
This Shotcrete Pump are suitable for bigger fracture surface, project which need big output, and tunnel construction which need high efficiency shotcrete.
Shotcrete Pump, Concrete Spraying System applied in railway tunnel, Road slope protection etc.

Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System

Technical Parameters of Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System

Main Technical Parameters
Transportation clearance(LxWxH)5750x2170x3100(mm)
2ChassisTypeAll hydraulic wheel type chassis
Driving typeFour-wheel drive
Steer mode2 wheel steer/4 wheel steer/diagonal
Brake modeParking braking / driving braking
Speed (low/high)5/15 km/h
Ground clearance365mm
Grade ability25°
3Drive systemEngine4 cylinders water cooling
Diesel engine 60kw/2200rpm
MotorThree phase 380V 45kW/
1480rpm (voltage optional)
4Spraying systemBoom modeArticulated, rotate, Telescopic boom
(secondary); Wireless remote
Controller, proportional adjust,
Telescopic boom horizontal level
Linked move
Max spraying high12.5 m
Max spraying width21 m
Max spraying distance10.2 m
Boom rotate210°
Telescopic boom rotate360°
Nozzle rotate360°
Nozzle oscillation240°
Nozzle swing360° continuous
Folding boom tilt60°/21.5°
Telescopic boom tilt65°/36°
Telescopic boom extend and
5Pump systemPump modePump volume adjusted by
Remote controller
Theory pump volume25 m3/h
Max theory outlet pressure7MPa
Max aggregate size≤16mm
Pipe diameterΦ 100mm
Concrete cylinder diameterΦ 160mm
Concrete cylinder move distance800mm
Hydraulic Cylinder/pole diameterΦ 80/φ 55
Hydraulic cylinder move distance800mm
Hopper capacity300L
Loading high< 1200mm
6Additive systemWorking flow30~700L/h
Working pressure12bar
Additive tank volume200L
Working flow14 L/min
Working pressure14MPa
8Cable reelDrive modeHydraulic motor drive
Cable length80m
9Equipment system
Air pressure>0.5Mpa
Air consumption8 m3/min
Power capacity50KVA

Features of Wet Cement Mortar Spraying System:

1. Adjust the size of the flow, tune out the bestl coating results.

2. In addition to the electrical control box can switch, but also equipped with remote control switchspr aying.

3. Gun connection with the feeding tube can be rotated for easy oper ation.

4. High efficiency, good quality.

5. Easy structure, easy : to handling on- site, and accessories is cheap , easy to maintenance.

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