Wholesale Automatic Wet Mortar Sprayer

Wholesale Automatic Wet Mortar Sprayer

Automatic wet mortar sprayer is a kind of machinery to spray mortar spray mortar into the surface of the wall.
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Wholesale Automatic wet mortar sprayer

Cement mortar spraying machine produced by our company has no landing ash, water saving, material, can reduce the cost, the mortar spraying machine principle, simple operation, no need of scaffolding, without moving the equipment, do not repair a stubble, corner, roof can free spray, high speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, a multifunctional mortar spraying machine per hour can easily spray an area of 200 square meters, separate transport up to 3.5 cubic meters.

The product is advanced in technology, stable in performance, reliable in operation and simple in operation. It is a reliable and reliable conveying grouting equipment at present. It is mainly used for building inside and outside walls, cement mortar spraying, exterior wall insulation materials, mortar spraying and refractory material spraying.

The cement mortar spraying machine is suitable for construction: it is suitable for indoor exterior wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproofing surface spraying, fire retardant spraying, thermal insulation material spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, coating spraying and garden spraying.

Automatic wet mortar sprayer is a kind of machinery to spray mortar spray mortar into the surface of the wall. The material is transported to the front end by the screw, and through the blow up of high pressure gas, the material is evenly sprayed to the surface of the object.

Steps and requirements of cement mortar sprayer;

1. Before the start of each class, the oil pump is injected to the transmission parts in several times.

After switching on the power, the main motor is checked to check whether the rotation direction of the rubber screw is the same. If it is not consistent, it is necessary to change the power supply phase line.

3, connect the conveying hose and sprinkler head, add the clean water 5L to the hopper, start the motor, pump the clear water out, and put the wet hopper, the pump body and the conveying hose to stop most of the water after it is pumped out.

4, add putty or paint to the hopper to start spraying (first start the air compressor and open the wind valve).

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5, the hopper is strictly prohibited under the condition of no material and water.

6, after the work is finished, drain the remaining materials inside the hopper, and pour enough water into the hopper, clean the hopper, and turn on the pump and clean the hoses and sprinklers until the pump is clear, so that the remaining materials will be solidified in the hose, and the hoses and sprinklers will be blocked.

7, the shutdown time is too long, wipe the cement mortar spraying equipment clean, and unload the supercharged screw, oil, proper custody, reinstall when use.

8. The pressure of the pump is insufficient in the work, and the turbocharged stator bolt can be adjusted or the pressurized rubber sleeve and the supercharged worm can be replaced.

9, before spraying, spray area should be infiltrated with water. When spraying, the sprinkler should be vertical as far as the spray surface (the distance can be adjusted according to the spraying effect), and spray evenly and evenly, and coordinate with the leveling process. When the wall is too dry or a long time after spraying, it will seriously affect the leveling effect, and the process should be changed.

10, the charging of the hopper should be uniform and uninterrupted. When the screw is rotated, the stick is strictly forbidden to be stirred in the hopper to prevent the injury.

11, spraying pipe once blocked, will switch to manual position, open compressor, pump head quick connector removed, then head down plugging, pressure reverse pressure, the residual slurry conveying pipe and is blown out in the rapid joint loading, begin work.

12. When the shooter is operated, the safety helmet, protective glasses, protective clothing and other protective articles should be worn.

13, the supercharged rubber sleeve and the supercharged screw are the vulnerable parts, which extend the service life. When used for the first time, the supercharged stator bolts are more loose. When the pressure is reduced and the flow rate is reduced obviously, the bolt is adjusted to keep it in normal working condition.