Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tilted Camera Set

1.Five-lens tilted camera with high-quality UV lenses
2.The lens has clear imaging, high sharpness, small distortion and true color reproduction.
3.RTK real-time differential positioning is used
4.Achieve high surveying accuracy without image control

Product Details

Tilted photography technology is a revolution to both 3D modeling and traditional surveying &mapping. unmanned aerial vehicle tilted camera set. Brand-new technology may change the development of the industry in the future, enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the tilted photography industry chain are optimistic about the future situation and vigorously promote the tilted Photography will definitely get more attention. Three-dimensional is the destined development trend of two-dimensional in the future. Tilted photography has been placed at a turning point in history. Demand drives the development of technology, tilted photography has unlimited development space.

unmanned aerial vehicle tilted camera set

Unmanned aerial vehicle tilted camera set is Equipped with five-pixel multi-angle tilted photography lens breaks through the limitations of traditional aerial survey cameras, which acquires images from vertical single and multi-angles. By carrying multiple image sensors on the flight platform that to get the real images with spatial information which is collected from different vertical and inclined angles at the same time, and with more comprehensive details of the texture of the ground objects to present the real and intuitive human vision to users. The true 3D data of titled photography can realistically reflect the appearance, unknown, and other attributes of ground objects, to enhance the sense of immersion brought by 3D data, which can remedy the shortcomings of simulation by traditional artificial modeling. While, using the currently popular UAV equipped with a tilted camera for terrain surveying and mapping along with an automatic modeling system can bring revolutionary efficiency improvements to the field of surveying and mapping.

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